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Enclave End User Promotion:

August 1st-September 2nd, 2019
1-31 units: $20.00/unit rebate
32+ units: $40.25/unit rebate
Visit QPPromos.com for more.

Spray It, Don’t Blow It:

July 22nd-August 30th, 2019
Profile is offering money back on conversion of straw projects to hydraulically applied products.
$20 USD/ton rebate on wood, wood w/tack, wood/cellulose blend, wood/cellulose blend w/tack, and cellulose w/tack.

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding promotions, please contact:

Mike Kaul
Account Manager
Specialty Products
Phone: 800-731-5765 Ext 3
Cell: 218-779-2543
Grand Forks, ND