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Small Seed Cover Crop Mix:

(15#/acre) Seeding Depth: 1/4″
This cocktail is designed to be broadcast in the fall. Establishment can be achieved by rain incorporation or a light roll or harrow. Contains brassicas, legumes and grasses.

40% Annual Ryegrass
20% Millet
13% Annual Clover
13% Radish
7% Turnip
7% Dwarf Essex Rape

N-Build Cover Crop Mix:

(25-35#/acre) Seeding Depth: 1/2″
A diverse mix that will build and scavenge nitrogen and other beneficial nutrients. This mix will leave the soil mellow and in great shape for next seasons crop.

36% Forage Pea
17% Millet
16% Oat
15% Lentil
5% Annual Clover
3% Radish
3% Sunflower
3% Turnip
2% Hairy Vetch

Grazing Cover Crop Mix:

(30#/acre) Seeding Depth: 1/2″
A hearty mix that will not only do your soil good, but it will feed the heard well into the winter. A perfect combo of grass, brassica, & legumes.

30% Oat
27% Pea
17% Millet
10% Annual Ryegrass
4% Annual Clover
4% Forage Radish
4% Turnip
4% Winfred Brassica

High-Salt Cover Crop Mix:

(25#/acre) Seeding Depth: 1/2″
A mix designed to use up excess moisture, circulate and infiltrate salts, and improve the soil so that there is future crop potential.

80% Barley
8% Radish
8% Sugarbeet
2% Dwarf Essex Rape
2% Turnip

Turnip Radish Cover Crop Mix:

(5#/acre) Seeding Depth: 1/2″
Simple but effective. Curb erosion, break the hard pan, scavenge nutrients, use up excess moisture yet mellow the soil for next years crop with little residue.

66% Radish
34% Turnip

The following lists include popular seeds that Rivard’s Turf & Forage use to make up our cover crop seed mixes.
Please ask for seeds & mixtures not listed.

Cool Season Broadleaf Rate/Ac. #
Alsike Clover 8-10
Canola 5-7
Chickling Vetch 60-70
Common Vetch 20-30
Crimson Clover 10-12
Ethiopian Cabbage 5-7
Fava Bean 60-80
Flax 40-50
Graza Radish 5-7
Hairy Vetch 20-30
Lentil 30-50
Pea 60-100
Radish 6-8
Rapeseed 5-7
Red Clover 8-10
Sugar Beet 5-8
Sweet Clover 5-10
Turnip 5-8
White Clover 5-8
Winfred Brassica 5-8
Winter Pea 60-100
Cool Season Grass Rate/Ac. #
Annual Ryegrass 20-30
Barley 70-100
Oat 60-80
Triticale 70-100
Spring Rye / Wheat 70-100
Winter Rye / Wheat 70-100
Warm Season Grass Rate/Ac. #
Forage Sorghum 10-15
German Millet 20-25
Pearl Millet 15-20
Sorghum Sudan 15-20
Teff Grass 8-10
Japanese Millet 20-25
Warm Season Broadleaf Rate/Ac. #
Buckwheat 50-60
Cowpea 30-40
Hunter Brassica 5-8
Safflower 20-30
Soybean 50-60
Sunflower 7-10
Sunhemp 15-30


Why Cover Crops?

Cover crops have proven to be an efficient tool in creating many benefits on millions of acres across our lands. Here are just a few goals that you may be able to accomplish with the help of Rivards’ Turf & Forage Cover Crops.

  1. Improve soil quality.
  2. High quality forage and grazing.
  3. Improve water filtration and increase organic matter.
  4. Build soil by scavenging for nutrients and fixing nitrogen.
  5. Reduce soil compaction.
  6. Nematode control.
  7. Cover soil for weed control.
  8. Decrease run-off, reduce nitrate leaching, and stop erosion.
  9. Increase yields for the following year.


If you have questions or would like additional information regarding Cover Crops, please contact:
IMG_2482-editRoss Rivard
Forage & Native Seed Specialist
Phone: 800-731-5765 Ext 1
Cell: 701-330-3699
Grand Forks, ND