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Our current policy for shipping & receiving during COVID-19 is as followings:


Update relating to COVID-19 :

As of today, Rivard’s Turf & Forage is operating as an Essential Business and will continue to be there for our customers, employees, and industries that we serve.

Our responsibility to Agricultural and other Essential businesses is to make sure that we can continue to safely provide products and services to our customers so that everyone can make it through the tough times that we are experiencing.

We want you to know that Rivard’s is proactively taking measures to make sure that everyone’s safety is priority number one.

Rivard’s Commitment:

-We have experienced, educated, and trained personnel operating at our facility.

-Travel for sales and business operations will be planned and limited.

-Office visitors are asked to plan ahead so we can limit your wait/interaction time.

-Plead call in advance to place orders.  In store/office shopping is not encouraged at this time.

-We have a protected and clean front office area that is limited to 1 customer at a time.


-All shipping & receiving drivers are asked to keep a 6’ distance and remain in vehicles if possible.  Upon arrival call 800-731-5765 Ext 1,2,3 or 4 and we will instruct from there.  Stay in vehicle until instructed otherwise.


-Rivard’s staff will load/unload all shipments.

-Increased facility cleaning has been implemented.

-Health restrictions: Rivard’s will only be staffed by healthy employees.

Rivard’s Turf and Forage is committed to conducting a safe and productive business environment as we always have and look forward to helping our communities get back to health in all ways.

Please contact our office for any questions. We are here to help.

Office Phone: 800-731-5765 Email: sales@rivards.com

We will continue to monitor this situation and gather information from the CDC (www.cdc.gov)., the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (http://www.fda.gov/) and the World Health Organization (www.who.int).


Thank You.

The Staff of Rivard’s Turf & Forage Inc.