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Rivard's seed facility processes seed wheat, barley, oats, durum, soybeans, peas and canary seed.  Following the highest standards set by Minnesota Crop and the State of Minnesota, our facilities are capable of processing Seed Stock, Foundation, Registered and Certified seed.  Rivard's quality is achieved through the following four ingredients:  
  • Quality seed. Seed is tested prior to the conditioning process for its quality.  Only high quality seed is considered for processing.
  • Industry Leading Equipment.  Rivard's uses three in-line separation mills:  Sieve Mill, Indent Mill, and Gravity Mill. to deliver a uniform, quality product.
  • Continued Education and Training.  Mill operators are sent to offsite training facilities for certification.  We believe that our continued investment in our personnel provide measurable differences in the quality of the seed our facility produces.
  • Experience.  Rivard's has cleaned seed for 40 years.  The experience of our management and seasoned workforce help insure a consistent, quality product season after season.

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